Message from the CEO

Chief Executive Officer

Fortune Securities Limited (FSL) has a history going back to 1994 when the stock brokerage industry in Pakistan was in its infancy and only a small number of individuals and few institutions were involved in equity trading. Since then, FSL has come a long way and today ranks amongst the Top corporate brokerage firms in Pakistan. We have a growing client base which comprises Banks, Mutual Funds, Corporates, Insurance Companies, High Net Worth (HNW’S), and a growing Retail base.

In the fast-changing world we live in today, I believe that quality human resource and technology are the two most important ingredients for sustainable success in financial services. It gives one, the competitive edge, required to stand out in the crowd. Deploying technology not only helps in keeping the organization efficient but more importantly also allows product offering at a scale which is impossible via brick-and-mortar model.  Quality human resource delivers creativity, solutions to complex problems and personalized service which is critical for any business dealing with large number of clients.

We continue to invest and develop to be the best in its class talent across all spheres of work, be it equity sales, research, compliance or client facilitation team. With a strong belief that human resources infuse a significant competitive edge, we continue to recruit the best talent and nature nurture them to improve further.

The importance of innovation in financial industry, in this day and age, cannot be emphasized enough. With the objective to provide unparalleled customer service and state of the art trading platform to our growing client base, Fortune has joined hands with Fyntros, a fintech which targets to make complex world of investing easy. I am personally committed to pursuing these initiatives to help us further leverage digital innovation in our line of business.

I have always believed in the power of quality and timely research. This passion for research led ideas also has to do with my personal background as the first 12 years of my career were in Research oriented jobs at companies like Merill Lynch, S. G Securities, Crosby Securities and KASB Securities.  FSL continues to invest in its research department which has access to all modern tools and subscriptions required to produce high quality research publications.  Team’s primary focus is to identify themes across sectors and identify companies where there is disconnect between market valuation and intrinsic value.

Our focus is based not only on continued financial performance but also on good corporate governance, strict compliance and highest ethical standards. Our compliance team makes sure that we practice the highest standards required of us by our regulators.

Best Regards,