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Fortune Securities account opening is Simple and Hassle Free.

Fortune Securities Documents Required

  • Attested CNIC/NICOP Copy of Principal Account Holder and Joint Account Holder(s)
  • Attested Passport Copy of Account Holder, Joint Account Holder(s) (In Case Of Non-Resident)
  • Attested CNIC Copies of 2 Witnesses
  • Attested CNIC/NICOP Copy of Nominee (Not Applicable for Joint Accounts)
  • Attested Copy Of Passport Of Nominee (In Case Of Non-Resident Single Account)
  • A valid email address
  • Zakat Affidavit (If Zakat is Not Applicable)
  • Cheque, Pay Order of Pakistani Bank in favor of ‘Fortune Securities Limited’ with Principal Account Holder CNIC/NICOP/Passport number and name written at the back of the cheque.